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11/12/2015 NEW SERVICES ANNOUNCEMENT: We are pleased to announce a suite of 5 new IP focused services and a completely redesigned INSPIROmedia website. The new services, website launch and updated rates/terms is anticipated on or about January 1st, 2016. 

Issued U.S. Patent Image Sampling

  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US D721,990 S
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent 8,206,336 B2
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent 8,267,950 B2
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent D671,078 S
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US 8,191,277 B2
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US 8,266,807 B2
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US 8,419,317 B2
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US 8,469,560 B2
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US 8,512,366 B2
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US 8,532,815 B2
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US 8,544,392 B2
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US 8,591,537 B2
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US 8,596,295 B2
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US 8,667,980 B2
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US 8,721,672 B2
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US 8,756,890 B2
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US 8,757,323 B2
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US 8,794,321 B2
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US 8,800,109 B1
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US D282,620 S
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US D497,655 S
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US D523,215 S
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US D600,860 S
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US D615,807 S
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US D664,686 S
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US D673,830 S
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US D697,349 S
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US D698,690 S
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US D701,057 S
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US D706,253 S
  • INSPIROmedia U.S. Patent US D710,951 S

Patent/TM Illustration Client Benefits

Disclosure Review and Quote Preparation
FREE Utility/Design Drawing *Edits to INSPIROmedia drawings
FREE Secure CAD files upload, any size files
FREE SolidWorks®, ProEngineer® CAD Import Services
FLAT RATE Patent/TM Illustration Services
VOLUME RATE For Non-Mechanical Pages
PRORATED RATES for Derivative Designs
RUSH SERVICE Subject to availability and surcharge
MULTI-FORMAT DELIVERABLES, Microsoft® Visio,Adobe Illustrator & Acrobat
EFS/TEAS Compliant Patent and TM Drawings
PCT/Foreign Filing Drawing Preparation
SECURE 256 bit AES Encryption & SSL File Transfer
EXPERT CAD Developer of Formal Drawings from Engineering Files

*Note: Modest utility/design patent changes are FREE. Modification resulting from updated disclosure
and or change in scope/claim may be billable. Billable edits though uncommon are subject to our discretion. Review terms of service for details.





Secured by PayPal

A PayPal account is not required to remit by Debit or Credit card.

Online payments is a complimentary service.
The grant of any license or right of copyright is conditioned on receipt of full payment.

More Sample Work
Inspiromedia Complex Design SamplesInspiromedia Patent Samples

All disclosures received by INSPIROmedia are kept strictly confidential. We will sign an NDA as requested by the client. INSPIROmedia services rendered in the USA.

Additional Services
Product Documentation/Literature Services.

INSPIROmedia Corporation

Rate Card Multi-Format Source   Toolsets   Secure CAD Upload
INSPIROmedia Rate Card

Multi-Format Deliverables



  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Microsoft Visio
  • SolidWorks
  • Autodesk 3DS



Send Files

New update published September 1st, 2015


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